Job title: Lead Content Manager (m/w/d) ID34581-1
Job type: Contract
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Utilities
Pay interval: Hourly
Pay rate: negotiable
Location: remote
Job published: 21-01-2022
Job ID: 34581

Job Description

Lead Content Manager (m/w/d) ID34581-1

Duration: February 2022 – April 2022
Volume: 480 hrs
Project location: remote


The Lead Content Manager role is within a Project that must define and implement various elements of automation, designed to help end users to interact quickly and efficiently with central IT Services. The 3 areas of automation opportunity are centred around:

1. A Chat Bot platform for end users, which can provide the user with information, status updates on IT incidents and requests, IT incident resolution (Self Help, Scripts) and is fully integrated with the personal chat solution of the Global Service Desk (GSD).
2. To automate the Incident Management Module within the corporate IT Service Management tool ServiceNow (SNOW), supporting the Agents with faster incident resolution capabilities (e.g. guided service identification, mandatory information gathered from the user in a structured way), thus benefitting the user with quicker resolution times.
3. Automated Service Hub (User portal) Incident Interface to support the user to provide all necessary information and precisely describe the issue he is facing (e.g. structured and automated template to select the affected service, Questionnaire based on the selected service), and suggesting automated solutions or self-help guides based on the criteria.
This role is to assume the lead content position, but is not simply a management only position, and is expected to be hands-on regarding the creation, editing and development of automation content.

The main role specific tasks:

• Design front and back office Chatbot hosted services according to the needs of customers and the competences/capabilities of service providers
• Identification of the stakeholders required to deliver content
• Defines possible service scenarios, verifies use cases, sequences of actions and actors’ role, in order to define the requirements for the service and its logical and organizational structure
• Simplify technically complex concepts and details gathered from multiple sources, into consumable content that will complement the user experience
• Measure and evaluate the outcomes of all automation use case content and design aspects
• Representation of the service, using techniques that illustrate all the components of the service, including physical elements, interactions, logical links and temporal sequences
• Ensures all elements of the solution from data gathering, development to technical implementation are fully documented
• Like the Content Manager role, is still expected to create, edit and develop content within the chosen tool/ solution
• Supports the activity of the Content Manager to ensure both positions complement the overall Project aim
• Responsible for the overall Chatbot automation outcome


• Expert knowledge and understanding of user-centered design process in product development environment
• Proven ability of delivering successful Chatbot and automation outcomes
• Proven ability of working within Content Management themes
• Proven ability of creating and developing detailed automation content
• Experienced working within Agile project environments
• Strong knowledge of CMS design principles and volume reduction concepts

Soft- Skills:

• Ability to take direction and work autonomously once briefed
• Strong Analytical skills
• Solid Problem solving skills
• Can influence others and collate work across multiple teams
• Excellent Communication skills
• • Strong Presentation Customer oriented
• Acts with self-assurance and can influence others to assure the best outcome possible